Off Site Events

Are you planning an Event or Special Occasion? Lakes Entrance Helicopters can provide Joy Flights (Scenic Flights) at your preferred location. Our staff are experienced in providing ground support for events away from our base of operations at Lakes Entrance. We also have the equipment and refuelling capabilities for larger events. We can advise on the safety requirements and the potential need for permits.

Off Site Events can be a few Joy Flights scheduled over a couple of hours from the same location up to full scale, multi-day public event such as Farm World 2019.

Items to consider when requesting Joy Flights at your event:

  • Location: Distance from Lakes Entrance.
  • Frequency: Expected number of flights / passengers.
  • Duration: Recommend short flights (6-10mins) for larger groups.
  • Area: Helicopter Landing Site (HLS), approach & departure, size, slope, surface, surroundings, obstacles, dwellings, etc.
  • Safety: Access control, airside restrictions, loading and unloading.
  • Date / Time: Leading time for planning and permits. Alternate date. Preferred start and stop times (daytime flights only).
  • Facilities: Available shade/shelter and toilets for passengers and staff (if applicable).
  • Services: Airport and Airservices charges (if applicable).
  • Permission: From Land Owner and/or Event Manager.

Please Contact Us to discuss the inclusion of Joy Flights at your Event or Special Occassion.