LEH Brochure 2023 - Scenic Flight Paths

Gift Certificates are Scenic Flights or selective Heli Experiences for either 2 or 3 people paid in advance and redeemable within 36 months from date of purchase. They are an ideal present for that special person or occasion. Select Gift Certificate, enter the From, To and Message you wish to appear on the Gift Certificate. Optionally, you can enter the Recipient’s Email address to send a PDF version of the Gift Certificate. Alternatively, you can download a copy of the Gift Certificate after payment. This PDF can be printed and presented to the recipient. If you do not wish a copy to be sent to the recipient, do not provide the Recipient’s Email address.

Gift Certificates are fixed price and can be upgraded to a longer flight when redeemed.

BOOK a Scenic Flight to redeem a Gift Certificate and enter the number during CHECKOUT. Do not forget to bring a copy of the Gift Certificate on the day of your flight.